The Biggest Japanese Boobs

The Biggest Japanese Boobs

She's the busty supergirl of Japan. Hitomi's a beauty with huge natural tits and a gorgeous, slim 'n' stacked physique. The majority of Japanese women tend to be small breasted and the girls with huge breasts are usually plumpers. Hitomi is a true rarity, a marvel of nature, a living doll. Hitomi's hobbies are karate, cooking and watching baseball and soccer. A girl after your own heart. She adores small dogs, like all hot chicks. Her favorite singer is the famous girl singer Amuro. The diminutive Hitomi (5'1") wears a J-cup bra (she measures 97 centimeters or 38 inches). In this pictorial and video, Hitomi wears a red bra and panties with stockings and red shoes. She is truly a breathtaking sight, Japan's greatest export. It's an honor to have her at SCORE. Hitomi and SCORE were made for each other. Domo arigato, Hitomi.
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9 months ago 
I love her huge natural tits . They are beautifully shaped hangers . Pointy with puffy suckable nipples and her ass is unbelievable too. Insane body covered in cream

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